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In touch with your Baby


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This fascinating DVD is about body language and contact with babies and toddlers, especially in the different consecutive stages of their first year. With a useful menu for those different ages, the film is very appropriate for training and courses.

Up-to-date information, clearly explained, in which exciting image by image analysis sometimes is used, because the moments of contact with a baby often are so fleeting and subtle that they are difficult to perceive with the naked eye. All these spontaneous interactions happen intuitively, and it is surprising to become aware of everything that happens in those moments of contact.Furthermore, complex subjects like dividing attention and taking charge are treated, especially in the part where we follow a series of interactions of a toddler and her little 6-month-old sister, playing with their mother.

The DVD offers an hour of film, divided in several short films that can be used separately. There is also a lot of attention for breastfeeding, for example in the case of twins, among others... These warm, entertaining and lively images, straight out of daily life, are highly recognizable.

60 minutes

Saskia van Rees, 2011


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