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Growing up after the Incubator


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The film features children who were extremely premature and under-weight at birth. We follow them from their very first moments, through the incubator period and up to the present day, nine years later.

Care practice has changed: parents are involved as far as possible. Breast-feeding is encouraged and parents are given every opportunity to cherish and look after their newborn, even if though he may be extremely small or ill. “Kangarooing” is often their first real contact with the baby. The interviews show how valuable this is during the often long and worrying incubator period.

Several of the children also have been interviewed. They make a contribution of their own about their world as nine-year-olds. Growing up has not been a smooth process for all of them. Some are handicapped as a result of their premature birth. The film shows how both parents and children cope with this in their own particular way.

Also in Spanish edition!

20 minutes

A film by Saskia van Rees and Dr. Richard de Leeuw


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